Intraoral scanners in dentistry – systematic review of literature. Part I: features and advantages of digital impressions in dentistry. Analysis of an ideal IOS system most-wanted features
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Katedra Protetyki Stomatologicznej, Warszawski Uniwersytet Medyczny
Publication date: 2019-05-14
Prosthodontics 2019;69(2):217–223
Digital dentistry is currently a rapidly expanding area and is of interest to many research centers and clinicians. This also applies to digital impressions performed using intraoral scanners. However, the multitude of applied solutions and the lack of standardization of procedures makes it often difficult for clinicians to make the optimal choice.

Objectives. The aim of the current paper was to present the features and advantages of the digital impressions technique in dentistry and to analyze the desired features of the optimal scanning system.

Material and methods:
The literature was reviewed using the Scopus database, using the following phrase: „TITLE-ABS-KEY (digital OR intraoral AND scanner OR impression) AND (LIMIT-TO (SUBJAREA,”DENT„))”. The analysis qualified 11 papers that met the assumed criteria.

Literature analysis showed a wide variety of solutions in using optical intraoral scanners to take digital impressions. The advantages and limitations of intraoral scanning techniques were presented. The factors related to the scanned surfaces and features of the scanning system itself affecting the accuracy of the images obtained as a result of scanning were indicated and an attempt was made to determine the desired features of the optimal scanning system.