Removal of adhesively bonded all-ceramic restorations
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NZOZ Miladent, Przychodnia Implantologiczno-Stomatologiczna, Gdańsk
Publication date: 2019-03-12
Prosthodontics 2019;69(1):105-114
Popularity of all-ceramic restorations has increased and in consequence there are lots of patients that will require replacement of these materials in future. To prepare a new restoration it is necessary to remove the old one without damaging the underlying abutment tooth structure. If restoration has been cemented on the tooth with traditional cement it is possible to cut through the restoration and remove it in fragments after splitting. Removing adhesively bonded restoration is more difficult because the ceramic should be removed entirely with a water cooled diamond bur. The removal is time-consuming and needs precision because all-ceramic restorations can accurately imitate underlying tooth substance. Procedure is unpleasant and stressful for patients and usually local anaesthesia is necessary. Alternative method is a removal of all-ceramic restoration with the use of Er:YAG laser. It enables faster removal of restorations without damaging underlying hard tissues. Lack of unpleasant noises and vibrations shortening the appointment time and reduction of necessity of local anaesthesia contributes to less discomfort and stress of patients during removal of restorations. This overview describes methods for removal of adhesively bonded all-ceramic restorations.
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