Bibliometric trending analysis of complications related to facial non-surgical aesthetic procedures: a retrospective study
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Department of Oral surgery, Institute and Reaserch Centre, São Leopoldo Mandic, Brazil
Submission date: 2021-06-30
Acceptance date: 2021-07-08
Publication date: 2021-09-17
Corresponding author
Ricardo Grillo   

oral surgery, São Leopoldo Mandic, Brazil
Prosthodontics 2021;71(3):228-233
Aim of the study.:
Aim of the study. This work aims to provide a bibliometric analysis of the publication trends on complications related to non-surgical aesthetic procedures on the face over the past 20 years.

Material and methods:
Methods. A bibliographic search was carried out in Pubmed and Dimensions on the same date to avoid risk of bias, and included three different aesthetic procedures: botulinum toxin injections for aesthetic purposes, dermal fillers and suspension threads. The number of citations, the altmetric attention score (AAS), and the topics were analyzed with Microsoft Excel and XLSTAT. The graphic representation of the keywords was created with VOSviewer. Statistical analyses have taken into account a 95% confidence interval.

Results. Complications related to facial nonsurgical aesthetic procedures are increasing, but complications related to dermal fillers are in a more robust upward trend (p < 0.05). Open access articles have a higher chance of being mentioned than paid articles. Having an appropriate keyword is crucial to the dissemination of articles.

Conclusions. Bibliometrics and altmetrics are valuable tools for researchers, editors, students or academics, saving those interested a lot of time and effort.

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